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Why Learn to Wingfoil?

Wingfoiling has a lot of advantages over traditional windsurfing and kitesurfing. It isn't a replacement for these sports, but you might be interested in what wingsurfing has to offer as a new sport.

1) Wingfoiling can be done in almost any wind condition, especially with a larger board.

2) You have more freedom when you are winging to maneuver the wing than with a traditional windsurfing setup. You hold the wing at an angle to get speed.

3) Winging involves a lot of muscles and is an excellent sport for building up your upper body. Holding the wing while getting pulled by the wind is an exhilarating experience.

You will notice that your upper body will become more defined as you do winging.

4) Winging without a foil is just like windsurfing without a foil. You only need a SUP and a wing to get started.

5) You only need a few wings if you are getting into the sport. I would get a 7 m, 6m and 4m for really strong wind days.

6) You can't kitesurf in offshore winds or side offshore winds, but winging is not a problem.

7) Minimize the amount of accidents you can have. You don't have to worry about depowering the wing. You don't need a large space to set up your gear like with kitesurfing.

8) You can get an inflatable board (once you get experienced, the smaller the better). I am using an 85 liter board with footstraps, and I weigh almost 100 kilos. When you start out, you should get a high volume board. I would get a SUP board between 160 and 180 liters.

9) With a big wing on your foil, you can start riding in lighter winds (2200 mm front wing)

10) You can use a shorter mast in shallower back bays or lakes. Or, you can just wingsurf without a foil in really shallow areas.

If you are interested in learning a new sport and like the water, I highly recommend getting into the sport of wingfoiling. We offer lessons in the Hampton Roads area. I recommend learning how to wingsurf before progressing to wingfoiling.

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