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Carving With Freeskates

Freeskates can be addictive, and there are different types of tricks that you can do when you freeskate, such as Tokyos, all types of board throws, flipping a skate or flipping both skates and toe flips. However, if you use freeskates as a mode of transportation when you go for a walk, you'll find that you can practice these tricks, and you can also practice riding. Moving your feet in different directions in order to move faster can quickly become exhausing. However, you can also move your whole body in unison and move your hips while you freeskate, just like when surfers carve with a surfboard. If you are on a slight slope, you can continue carving up and down with it to develop speed. You keep our feet in a locked position rather than moving each skate independently. Later, if you start getting involved in kiteboarding, wing surfing or SUP boarding, your board skills will be outstanding, and you'll have a natural feel for moving a board. However, board skills in one sport don't always translate directly to board skills in another sport. In any case, if you are freeskating a lot, carving is a great way to improve your muscle memory. If you do surf or carve up a wave and hit an off the lip or do a cutback, it won't be as difficult for you to do so because your body will remember all the carving you did when you freeskate. Another great way to practice carving is to set up a bunch of small roller skate cones about 2 feet from each other and practice carving like you would with a surfboard to go around the cones. It might be more challenging than you think.

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