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Wingboarding on Land

Wingboarding on Land



This is a three to five hour wing landboarding lesson.  We supply the wings and instruction, but you must have a pair of rollerblades or a skateboard (we can also teach you on freeskates and/or a mountainboard if you would like). Ideally, it is best if you can already rollerblade and bring a pair of rollerblades to the course. We will teach you how to use the wing and the wind (as well as a harness if the wind is stronger), so you can go winging with your rollerblades. This is an exciting support that is growing. You don't need a wetsuit, and you can practice this sport during the whole year. Usually, wing landboarding/rollerblading/skateboarding/freeskating can be learned in just one lesson, and it is a wonderful introduction into wind based sports.

Learn how to: 

1) practice riding in one direction with the wing

2) maximize the power of  the wing to increase your speed

3) learn transitions from one direction to the next such as tacks and gybes

4) learn how to stop


This sport is practiced with a helmet and with a harness.

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