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Wing Foiling Three-Day Camp

Wing Foiling Three-Day Camp



A three-day camp is  a great way to learn the sport of wing foiling. On day one, you'll learn the fundamentals of the dock start and how to wing surf. On days two and three, you'll work on getting up on the foil and continue working on the dock start. During each day, you will get three and a half hours of professional instruction. It is required that you use a helmet when learning with a foil. Also, you must keep away from the foil when you are getting on and off the board (the foil is slightly wider than the board, so make sure that you get on the board at the middle of the board and make sure that you jump away from the board when crashing). By the end of this course, you should be able to foil!

*Locations for wing surfing: Using a foil requires deep water, so we can only give a lesson during high tide at the marina.

Bring printed and signed two copies of the  RELEASE OF LIABILITY and DECLARATION OF FITNESS forms to your instructor when you get a lesson.  Minors must be at least 16 years old and must have their parents sign and date the parental consent form.


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