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Wing Foiling Two-Day Camp

Wing Foiling Two-Day Camp



We recommend learning at Mill Creek at Fort Monroe, Hampton.

This course includes:

Day One: 3.5 hours 

wing surfing theory

wing surfing water start and wing surfing in different directions

learn to pump the board and do the dock start 

learn to pump the wing

Day Two: 3.5 hours

Learn to accelerate by pulling in the back handle

Keep the wing slightly tilted over your head when accelerating

Proper foot placement

Winging with the foil 

Getting up and getting extended rides

You use the following equipment: 

7'6" F-One Rocket Air Foil

2200 mm Gravity Air Wing

6.2 meter Cabrinha Mantis Wing or 5 meter Lahoma Wing

The typical rider needs at least 14 knots to get up on the foil

Contact Raphael at 757-666-8537 to book a lesson or reach us by email at

Lesson requirements: the foiling lesson can only be held during high tide because the foil can only be used in chest-high water.

Locations: Mill Creek at Fort Monroe

* Safety gear is provided, such as a helmet and a lifejacket.

Bring printed and signed two copies of the RELEASE OF LIABILITY and DECLARATION OF FITNESS forms to your instructor when you get a lesson or you can send the signed forms to me electronically at if you want to avoid using paper.  Minors must have their parents sign and date the parental consent form.Please let us know your waist sizes, so we can bring the right harnesses to the lesson.

* When falling off the board, always jump away from the foil and the board to avoid hiting the foil. Also, when getting on the board, please avoid the foil wingtips and only get on the board at the middle of the  board. The foil is wider than the board.

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