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Kite Foilboarding Lesson

Kite Foilboarding Lesson



This lesson is designed for intermediate kiteboarders who can ride upwind, perform small jumps, water start in both directions, self-rescue, body drag, and self-rescue. 

Lesson Duration: 3.5 hours 

This lesson can only take place during high tide at the marina/Back River or at Virginia Beach 88th Street, First Landing State Park and Buckroe Beach.

Learning how to kite foilboard is a different sensation than just kiteboarding, so kiteboarding experience doesn't automatically transition to kite foilboarding skills. To ride the kite foilboard, you don't need to pump like you do with wing foiling and wind foiling because the kite does all the work. If you know how to  body drag and can already kitesurf in both directions with a twin tip, learning kite foilboarding is possible in one day with an experience instructor. As with kitesurfing, kite skills are important, and you have to do this lesson in water that is deeper than chest high because of the height of the foil. Diving the kite and the water start is similar to kitesurfing, but you have to put more pressure on your front foot compared to kitesurfing. Also, you can stand up straighter; the foil allows you to edge upwind and gives you the ability to use a 7 or 9 meter kite when other people are using 15 and 17 meter kites. This private lesson can also be tailored to students who want to learn intermediate kite foiling skills, like jibing in the air by downlooping the kite, switching your feet, riding toeside, heelside, and for more advanced riders, the back roll and big airs are also possible. 

It is a myth that kite foilboarding requires an extreme amount of skill. In fact, kite foilboarding is a separate discipline, so intermediate riders can learn how to foil. For people who have learned how to wing foil or wake foil, imagine the ability to get up in the lightest of winds without pumping. The kite adds an extra motor to the foil, so you don't need waste money on buying gas for a jet ski or a boat. Typically, kite foilboarders can use 5-9 meter kites in all types of conditions and don't need a big quiver of kites. The upwind ability is amazing with the foil. By the end of this course, you should learn how to ride continuously, and with a little luck, you should be able to ride heelside and toeside as well as learn the water start with the foil. 

* Safety gear is provided, such as a helmet and a lifejacket. For the kite foilboard lesson, wearing a helmet and a wetsuit is mandatory. Also, customers are responsible for keeping away from the foil during the lesson and should jump away from the board and the foil during the lesson. Customers must wear a life jacket and should be at least intermediate kiteboarders. 

Bring printed and signed two copies of the  RELEASE OF LIABILITY and DECLARATION OF FITNESS forms to your instructor when you get a lesson.  You can send a photo of your signature to me at if you want to avoid using paper. You will receive a free ebook  on kiteboarding once you purchase this lesson. Minors must have their parents sign and date the parental consent form.Please let us know your waist sizes, so we can bring the right harnesses to the lesson.

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