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Kite Control Lesson

Kite Control Lesson


* This lesson is designed for someone who is interested in learning how to fly a kite, but is not yet ready to invest in a kiteboarding lesson. It is not required for you to take this lesson before getting a kiteboarding lesson, but it can be a great way to get an idea of what kiteboarding entails. This lesson is only conducted on light wind days (no more than 15 knots), since it takes place on a beach or on the land.


In this lesson, you will learn how to fly a large kite without ever going into the water. If you can learn how to fly a large kite without any problems, then learning how to kitesurf will be much easier. This lesson only requires around 5-15 mph wind because you won't need as much wind as on the water in order to learn how to control LEI (kites with an inflatable leading edge) or large foil kites. During this lesson, you'll learn how to:

* fly a smaller 5 meter kite and do figure 8s

* learn how to fly larger kites (7.5, 9 m, 12 m, and even 17 m inflatable kites when the wind is lighter, as well as a 15 meter and 9 meter foil kite)

* learn how to fly high aspect ratio kites and medium aspect ratio kites 

* learn how to activate the quick release and how to self-rescue

* learn how to simulate the water start without the board 

* learn how to do figure 8s in both directions 

* learn how do figure 8s in order to reach a particular destination (this will prepare you for body dragging to retrieve your board)

* learn how to control  a large kite with one hand and how to walk with the board in the other hand

* learn how to retrieve the board and simulate using the kite to retrieve the board while it is upwind of you

* learn how to walk upwind 

* experience the power of a wide range of kites on an empty open beach or on a grassy field

* this lesson can only be held in wind from 5-14 mph (with minimal differences between gusts) 

* This lesson is a great way to learn how to fly larger kites before you decide to get a kitesurfing lesson on the water (we highly recommend getting this lesson first because it will accelerate your learning curve)

*Lesson time: 3 hours 

* All equipment included in the cost of the lesson. 



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