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Kitesurf Lesson

Kitesurf Lesson

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You can select a 2 hour lesson or a full lesson. In the 2 hour lesson, you will learn the basics, but you will not receive as in-depth instruction as the full 4-6 hour lesson. The cost per hour is less with the full lesson because it is less than $100 per hour. 2 hour lessons are recommended for people who want a brief introduction to the sport of kiteboarding. You'll learn the basics, self-rescue, kite skills, how to read the wind, and how to fly figure 8s and the theory behind the water start. It is highly recommended that you take the full lesson if you are interested in learning kiteboarding. It typically takes 3-5 lessons to learn how to ride continuously in both directions, do the water start, and do basic transitions.

We highly recommend taking a kitesurf lesson in the Back River at the marina because you will learn much faster on flat water than in the waves in Virginia Beach. The waves can make it much more difficult to learn, and when the water gets deeper quickly, it is hard to learn the water start. So, we recommend that you get a lesson at the Bell Isle Marina in Hampton first if you have never kiteboarded before. If you are an intermediate rider, we can give lessons at First Landing State Park, 88th Street in Virginia Beach, or in Sandbridge south of the pier, but we recommend that you know how to water start before venturing out into the waves. 

Lesson length: 3 hour lesson

Contact Raphael at 757-666-8537 to book a lesson or reach us by email at

This lesson is tailored to your individual needs. It is a private lesson that can be used to obtain PASA levels One, Two and Three kiteboarding certification. For absolute beginners, we give a theoretical overview of kiteboarding.

1) Discuss wind direction, the wind window, choosing an appropriate spot

2) Give advice about what type of equipment to use, discuss how to do the water start

3) one hour instruction with a smaller kite: practice figure eights, body dragging, retrieving your board, learning how to inflate a kite, activate the quick release, unwind lines, self-rescue

4) Time on the water and practicing with a board and kite 3 hours 

We also offer intermediate and advanced lessons. For intermediate lessons, we can teach you how to do transitions and basic jumps. In advanced lessons, we can teach you how to jump higher and how to back roll as well as perform more advanced tricks.

Kite lessons depend on wind conditions. If the wind is less than 10 knots, we will reschedule the lesson instead of teaching in conditions that are not suitable for kiteboarding.  Before the lesson, keep in contact with us, so we can determine the optimal spot for the wind. 

Locations: We give kiteboarding lessons throughout the Hampton Roads area at the following locations: Bell Isle Marina (flat-water location, works with N, NW, W, E, and NE winds, wear booties and thin wetsuit); Messick Point in Poquoson (SW, W, E, S, SE; wear booties and a thin wetsuit, flat-water location); First Landing State Park (NW, NE); 88th Street in Virginia Beach (N, S, NE, SE); and Sandbridge south of the pier (N, SE, NE). 


* Safety gear is provided, such as a helmet and a lifejacket.

Bring printed and signed two copies of the  RELEASE OF LIABILITY and DECLARATION OF FITNESS forms to your instructor when you get a lesson.  You can send a photo of your signature to me at if you want to avoid using paper. You will receive a free ebook  on kiteboarding once you purchase this lesson. Minors must have their parents sign and date the parental consent form.Please let us know your waist sizes, so we can bring the right harnesses to the lesson.

Wetsuit booties are required for a lesson because the Back River has a muddy bottom. We recommend Cressi booties. Please buy full wetsuit booties that are at least 3 mm thick. Kiteboarding equipment is included in the lessons, but customers are responsible for renting or purchasing a wetsuit.

  • VB Ocean Vibes Introductory Kitesurfing lesson

    Virginia Beach Ocean Vibes offers introductory kitesurfing lessons in the Virginia Beach area.

  • Cancellations and Refunds

    Lessons can be canceled, but it is recommended that you cancel 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. Also, lessons can be rescheduled free of charge.

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