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Freeline Skate Lesson

Freeline Skate Lesson



 Freeline skates are an exciting, new way to skate. We offer lessons on the Virginia Beach boardwalk. Learn how to ride by supporting yourself against a wall. Learn to ride in both directions. For intermediate freeline skateboarders, learn tricks such as flipping the board, 180s and 360s. Learn how to perform all sorts of tricks and improve your speed. Freeline skates are awesome, and they are also more portable than a skateboard. They will improve your board skills outside of the water. The lesson is one and a half hour long with a private instructor, and in no time, you'll get hooked to this exciting sport. You'll progress with your skills and learn how to freeline skate in no time with an experienced instructor.  Skates are provided during the lesson. This is a great way to work out, and you can become part of a worldwide community of freeline skaters online. 

Lesson location: 9 Woodland Rd. Woodland Skateboard Park (the lesson can only be held when there are not many people using the skatepark).

Contact Raphael at 757-666-8537 to book a lesson or reach us by email at

* Safety gear is provided, such as a helmet, elbowpads, wrist guards and kneepads. Bring printed and signed two copies of the RELEASE OF LIABILITY and DECLARATION OF FITNESS forms to your instructor when you get a lesson. Minors must have their parents sign and date the parental consent form.

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