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Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental


Do you need to rent kiteboarding or wingboarding equipment in the Hampton Roads area? Don't worry, we've got you covered. VB Ocean Vibes offers hourly rentals of our equipment to experienced riders in our kiteboarding locations at Bells Isle Marina in Hampton, Virginia (works with north winds, east winds, and west winds) and Messick Point in Poquoson (works with south, southwest, and southeast winds). We offer up to a half a day rental, and the price gets progressively cheaper per hour ($25 less per hour after the first hour). Equipment rental includes all equipment, and it also includes wetsuits and booties if you are renting during the off-season. This can be a life-saver for you if you want to avoid the expensive baggage fees and still get a good kiteboarding or wing foiling  session in during your vacation. Also, you can check out a spot. Typically, when you rent out from us, we'll bring a variety of sizes of kites and wings, so if you are feeling underpowered, you can just swap the kite or wing for a bigger one (or vice versa if you are overpowered). We also have a range of boards for kiteboarding, from a kite surfboard to large door boards for upwind performance, and a freestyle board for big air tricks. For wingfoiling, we have a large 168 liter 7"6" inflatable board with a 2200 Gravity foil wing and 65 cm mast, but if you are a more advanced or lighter rider, you are welcome to try the board with the Gravity 1800 front wing or the 1400 Phantom front wing if you are a more experienced rider who enjoys carving and speed.  Check with us for availability of wetsuits and booties in your size, and contact Raphael at 757-666-8537 to schedule for a rental. You must sign waiver forms and the rental agreement form.



In consideration of supplying equipment to enable me to participate in kite surfing/wing foiling, I agree as follows: I am a competent rider at IKO/PASA  Level 3. This means that I can: (please tick as applies)

 Control the riding speed by edging/Stand up on the wingfoil and use the wing to navigate  Initial_______ 

  Able to control the kite/wing in overpowered conditions without endangering my life or other people's lives (e.g. by using the safety release, conducting self-rescue, keeping the kite at the edge of the wind window during strong gusts, activating the depower system, etc.) Initial_____

  Consistent riding in all directions including upwind/Riding in both directions on the foil above the water with ability to surface jibe Initial_______

  Ride amongst other riders and water users and respect right of way rules Initial_______

  If I make a mistake or have received inadequate training, I assume full legal responsibility for any mistakes that I might have made, or if I have overstated my skills as a kiteboarder or wingfoiler. By signing this document, I agree that I am a compentent kiteboard/wingfoiler and assume legal responsibility for my actions.  Initial _____

 Change of direction without stopping Initial_______

 Self rescue and full pack down in the water/returning to the shore with equipment intact Initial_______

  Ability to self launch and assisted launch Initial_______

 I recognize that kite lines can pose an inherent threat to other people's lives, and I will not launch the kite near any obstacles or people that are downwind.  Initial_____

 I agree that I will replace all damaged equipment at full market price upon inspection after the rental period.


 I claim complete legal responsibility for all injury and harm that I may cause to others, to myself, and to other people's property and life.  Initial_______

 I realize that  the sports of kitesurfing and wingfoiling are inherently dangerous, life-threatening sports, and I accept full legal responsibility for injuries and loss of life that might occur to myself and to others during the rental period.  Initial______

 I recognize that I might be stranded in the water for long periods of time if the wind stops or blows in an opposing direction, and I know how to swim and self-rescue.  Initial______

 VB Ocean Vibes is not responsible for rescuing me, and I assume full responsibility for my actions.  Initial______

 If there is a life-threatening thunderstorm, tornadic action, or excessive lightning, I agree that I will return the rental equipment as soon as possible, and I am responsible if I continue riding during a storm or a severe weather event. Initial_____ 

 VB Ocean Vibes is not responsible for any injuries that may occur due to obstacles in the water or injuries caused by stepping on sharp objects, such as clams or rocks, as well as any other objects that might cause harm. Initial______

 Use of wetsuits, booties, and any other gear with the rental does not ensure that my body will be protected from injury. Being exposed to long period of excessive heat  can result in heat stroke or feelings of nausea, and being exposed to cold water for long periods of cold water can result in hypothermia. VB Ocean Vibes is not responsible for heat-related or cold-related injuries or death. Initial______

  I am physically fit and have no pre-existing health problem. If I have any pre-existing health condition, I assume complete legal responsibility for any illness or health complication that occurs during the rental period.  Initial______

  VB Ocean Vibes is not responsible for drowning or loss of life associated with the inherent risks of performing water sports in deep water and shallow water locations.  Initial______

 VB Ocean Vibes is not responsible for shark attacks or other injuries that could occur associated with watersports, such as hitting large obstacles or obstructions that result in severe injury, lacerations, or the loss of life. Initial______

 I will wear a lifejacket and a helmet during the rental period. Initial ____

 I certify that all of the above statements are true and valid during the rental period, and I will return the equipment in its original condition (or pay for the replacement of damaged equipment at market price).

Signature: _____________  Date: __________________

If you are not an IKO Level 3 or PASA level 3 (at least the equivalent of IKO and/or PASA level 3) and do not meet the full criteria of the list above we cannot rent our equipment to you. We advise you to take a lesson with Raphael, our PASA-certified instructor,  to bring you up to the required level 3 ability.


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