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3-person one day kitesurfing camp

3-person one day kitesurfing camp


This is a three person group lesson that lasts around five hours. Each person receives at least an hour and a half of instruction. Learning in a group is ideal for your first kiteboarding lesson, especially if you want to learn the water start and need time on the water with an experienced instructor.  This lesson is for people who are committed to learning kiteboarding and want to get up and riding.  In group lessons, you can learn from each other's mistakes, and you can also take a break and watch other people learn. 

Contact Raphael at 757-666-8537 to book a lesson or reach us by email at


If you like learning in groups, this is the best lesson for you.  Kite skills are really important when you learn to kiteboard, so this introductory course will focus on kite skills, body dragging, and retrieving your board. Board skills are also important, so in this introductory class, we'll be teaching you both board and kite skills. When you first learn to kiteboard, you have to learn how to do figure-eights and how to control the kite. Once you get the kite skills dialed in, you can start retrieving your board, and body dragging to different locations to retrieve your board downwind. After learning how to body drag downwind, you'll learn how to body drag upwind to retrieve your board. Lastly, you'll learn how to body drag in deeper water. 

The water start requires combining board skills with kite skills. You'll have to point the board slightly downwind when you dive the kite from 11 o'clock to 2 or 3 o'clock. The kite has to generate enough power to lift you up onto the board, and then you begin to edge upwind. I will teach you the theory behind the water start and give you an opportunity to try the water start. Usually, it takes 3-5 lessons to learn the water start consistently. Some people even learn to do the water start and learn how to ride in both directions in one day. Kiteboarding is a wind-driven sport, so I will only give you a lesson when the wind is more than ten knots. 

It is required that you sign waiver and declaration of fitness forms for the Bell Isle Marina and VB Ocean Vibes, LLC before your lesson (click the waiver link above to access the forms). Bring two copies of the printed forms for your first lesson or send a photo of the signed forms to me at 

Please let us know your waist sizes, so we can bring the right harnesses to the lesson.

Wetsuit booties are required for a lesson because the Back River has a muddy bottom. We recommend Cressi booties. Please buy full wetsuit booties that are at least 3 mm thick.

Locations: We give kiteboarding lessons throughout the Hampton Roads area at the following locations: Bell Isle Marina (flat-water location, works with N, NW, W, E, and NE winds, wear booties and thin wetsuit); Messick Point in Poquoson (SW, W, E, S, SE; wear booties and a thin wetsuit, flat-water location); First Landing State Park (NW, NE); 88th Street in Virginia Beach (N, S, NE, SE); and Sandbridge south of the pier (N, SE, NE). We don't give lessons in winds less than 12 knots. If there are crowds or the wind conditions are not favorable, then the lesson will be rescheduled or refunded.


* Safety gear is provided, such as a helmet and a lifejacket.

Bring printed and signed two copies of the  RELEASE OF LIABILITY and DECLARATION OF FITNESS forms to your instructor when you get a lesson.  You can send a photo of your signature to me at if you want to avoid using paper. Minors must have their parents sign and date the parental consent form. Please let us know your waist sizes, so we can bring the right harnesses to the lesson.

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